Below is a list of frequently asked questions when selecting a wedding
or event DJ company. For additional questions, please contact us directly.

Can we pick our own music?

Yes. At Catalyst Productions we specialize in customizing your event to fit your vision. We have song lists available via mail, fax, or online.

Do you provide uplighting?

Yes, call for a quote - 219.836.8240

Is setup and teardown extra?

Setup and teardown are included in your quote. The extra time needed for setup is automatically added to your event. The only information you need to give us is the event start and end time.


We have props available on request

How many DJs?

Catalyst Productions employs a staff of 8-10 DJs. Your DJ is assigned to you when you book your event and he will be the one to help you with all of your event planning.

Can we pick our DJ?

Yes. As long as your desired DJ is available for your date you may choose your performer. Remember, Catalyst Productions DJs are all trained to provide the excellent service that we are known for.

Do you have backup equipment?

Yes. Even though our equipment is state of the art and designed not to have issues, extra equipment is just a phone call away.

What happens if the DJ is sick?

As rare as this happens, this is the benefit of Catalyst Productions' large staff. Your event will be covered.

Cocktail and Dinner Music?

You may pick your cocktail and dinner music. We recommend you pick music that is unobtrusive yet easily recognizable. Your guests will begin listening to the music during dinner. Playing something that people recognize will engage them and make it easier when the dancing starts.

Do you provide sound for ceremonies?

Yes. You can find prices on our services page.

Do you have Wireless Mics?

Yes. We provide wireless mics for toasts, speeches, blessings, etc.

Formal Dress

Our DJs will dress according to the style of event you're planning.

CDs or Cpu?

Currently, our DJs use both computers and CDs to perform at events.

What if a song isn't on the songlist?

If your song isn't on the song list, please let us know and we'll make sure we have it for your event.

My event isn't listed.

Please contact us at 219.836.8240.

Can you recommend vendors

Please visit our vendor page.

May we come to see you in action?

Unfortunately, we do not allow our prospective clients to private events. You may feel free to call any of the vendors on our links page to confirm our abilities.

Do have a Spanish speaking person/ or are you well versed in Latin music?

Catalyst Productions does have Spanish speaking DJs and has an extensive collection of cultural music.

How far should we book in advance?

Booking 6 to 8 months in advance will most likely ensure we have a DJ available for your event. If you'd like a specific DJ, you may want to book earlier. Some of our DJs are reserved as far as 2 years in advance.

How long have you been in business?

We have been providing entertainment since 1989.

Does distance change the price at all?

Everything in our effective range is included in your quote. Jobs outside of our range may incur travel expenses.

If we have entertainment set for cocktail or dinner, does your price stay the same?

Our prices are based on the amount of time a DJ will be present at your event, not necessarily performance time. For example, if you have a string quartet playing your cocktail and dinner music. Your DJ must still be present and set up for your event.

Do you provide photo booths?

No, please refer to our friends page.